Just a short tidbit today. The paperback version of Samurai Blade is now available on Amazon.com. As you can see the cover on this is different from the Kindle version. I kind of like the look of this one better. I may change the Kindle cover.

As I said yesterday, this is an experimental run to see if a Luddite like me can actually upload a book to Amazon and offer it for sale. I don’t expect any buyers for it, especially since you can read the story free here on the blog. But you never know. There might be some insane person out there who would want to have their own copy of the story. Who knows but that someday this 40 page paperback might be the only book the extraterrestrials will be able to find amidst the rubble when they get here two thousand years from now to explore our failed civilization. And it is failing. There’s no doubt of that is there? When Howard Stern can be a judge on America’s Got Talent, you know we’ve got to be slipping.

And it’s not just America’s civilization that’s going to pot. It’s all over the world, as we slide into a Technological Dark Age that’s going to make the 10th century look like a day at Disneyworld. Yes, friends, as we play with our gadgets, thumbs a twitter, as we read and send text messages back and forth, or play Angry Birds, or watch some mindless movie on our cell phone, our minds out of touch with reality, the ramparts are crumbling.

But by God! there will always be an England! You got  to hand it to them. Talk about never giving up the ship. In this case, the Ship of State. But did the British really have to spend four days and all that money to honor 60 years of an anachronism? Why not? Cvilization itself may be an anachronism by now. So let’s salute the English for keeping that stiff upper lip while all around them chaos runs amok. Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the noonday sun, and boy where they out there this weekend. Good show, Old Top. Keep the home fires burning.

Here’s the link for the paperback.