The technical glitch that prevented users from posting comments on the SFReader forum has been corrected. For four or five days if you tried to post you got a message that said you didn’t have access. It happened the very day I posted a blog telling everyone how great the website it is. Oh, well. I don’t want to hear that word: jinx.

As mentioned before it was once a hub of activity among sci-fi writers and fans but in recent years forum participation has diminished. David Felts, proprieter of the site, has revamped the site, adding many new features, including book, movie and TV reviews, a few samples of forum members fiction (including one of my own), and you can even start your own blog over there, and plug your latest project in the shameless self promotion forum.

So now that the bug has been eliminated I invite everyone to drop in and join the discussions. It doesn’t cost anything and it’s a click away at