I’m surprised but happy to report that some people are buying the Kindle version of Samurai Blade. I’m surprised, because even though it’s a good story—one that I’m certainly proud of—I’m surprised because the story is available here on the blog for free. I posted it in three installments back around Memorial Day and then decided to put it out on Kindle and paperback, mainly just to see if I had enough computer skills to figure out how to format it and upload it, etc. Turned out I could and I did. And now amazingly it’s starting to sell.

I had a hunch that some people might actually prefer to read it in its entirety on their Kindle, rather than have to read the three installments that appear here in reverse chronological order (blogging being what it is). I have to say that the way the story appears in Kindle, it’s very readable. There’s something about the Kindle format that I like. Maybe it’s just the fact that you can increase the size of the letters on the screen, a boon for tired eyes.

At any rate, I want to thank those who have decided to spring for the .99 cents. So far there have only been a few buyers, but I really never expected to sell even one. Even so, it’s very encouraging to know that writers today can self-publish their work and there are fans out there who will buy it. Guess maybe I should consider putting more of these stories out this way.

If you’d like to get yourself a copy here’s the link: