Some good news was announced over the weekend on the Heathen Oracle Facebook Page. My short story, “The Red Heart of Dolfar,” has made the short list for the “Artifacts and Relics: Extreme Sorcery,” anthology. Christopher Heath is the publisher. Chris is well-known for his creation of the Azieran Mythos. You can find out more about this fascinating world by checking out the Heathen Oracle Web site at

The story I submitted features a pair of characters I’ve written about several times over the last half dozen years. Tragon of Ramura is a former captain of the Ramuran Navy who has been branded a pirate by the evil sorcerer Caldec. Caldec killed Ramura’s king and  pinned the murder on Tragon. At Tragon’s side is Yusef Ali Ahmed Malek, an ebony warrior from the Desert country of Jadia in northern Afkira. The characters first appeared in a story in Flashing Swords, an online zine that had a pretty large following when it was edited by Howard Andrew Jones. Jones has gone on to become managing editor of Black Gate magazine and has a novel out, The Desert of Souls, featuring a pair of characters,  Dabir and Asim, who have Arabian Night type adventures.

Tragon and Yusef have also appeared in the story “King of Sorango,” in the Pill Hill Press Anthology, Shadows and Light, Vol II.

Another tale, “Tragon and the Scorpion Woman,” ran in English and Greek translation in the magazine Universe Pathways. I’ve also written a novel featuring these guys that I’ll probably try to find a publisher for some day.

Christopher Heath announced 17 stories on his short list, and unfortunately only 10 will be selected for the final table of contents. It’s a pretty formidable list of writers as follows:

David C. Smith–Shadow Born, Shadow Taken
Jonah Lissner–Viro and the Red Court
Adam Tisbert–Closer to the Eye
Fred C. Adams–Coup
James Beaman–The Lovers Quarrel
Colleen Anderson–The Highest Price
Jonathon Shipley–Tomorrow in Crystal
Joe Bonadonna–The Book of Echoes
Peter Welmerink–Strings of Discord
James S. Dorr–The Glory Hand
John M. Whalen–The Red Heart of Dolfar
Steve Goble–Of the Swords
Jeffery Scott Simms–The Wheel of Dargalon
Jennifer R. Povey–Beauty and Power Over Men
Gustavo Bondini–Qalnoth’s Favor
Benjamin Smith–Heart of the Wendigo
David J. West–The Mad Song

The competition here is fierce. These guys and gals can write. Good luck to one and all. I don’t know when the final TOC will be announced but I’ll let you know either way.