Use Enough Gun, the third volume of the Legends of the Monster Hunter series will be published this Fall by Pill Hill Press. This stellar collection of tales will once again feature Mordecai Slate, the monster hunter of the Old West who will kill any monster for the price of one thousand dollars in gold. The newest story is called “The Shape of a Cage,” and finds Slate caught in a monster hunter’s worst nightmare. 

To whet your appetite for the anthology, editor Miles Boothe has started a series of interviews with the authors, and I’m happy to report that mine is the first to appear on his website. At least it was supposed to be my interview. Somehow things got a little mixed up and someone else actually answered the questions. The result is a bit startling, and somewhat irregular. I suggest that if you read the interview, you might find it has some entertainment value but contains not a word of truth.  See for yourself.

I first wrote about Slate for the first volume of the Series: Leather, Denim and Silver. In that tale Slate was in the Yukon battling some Tlingit Indians who had somehow turned into zombies. Slate has also been included in the second volume, The Trigger Reflex. In the story in that book, “Little China,” Slate hunted a mysterious creature from the sea. He’s also been in some others and another tale “Samurai Blade” is available separately on Kindle: