Many readers of this blog are regulars over at the SFReader forum, and I’m sure they must be curious about what’s going on there. The forum has for years been a place where writers could find out what’s going on in the SF and fantasy universe. Always a good place to plug your latest work and keep up with what others are doing. But the forum has been down all summer. Host/forum owner Dave Felts shut the site down to do some revamping. He hired an outfit called “Forum Excellence” to redesign the site to include a “plethora of new features,”  including articles, interviews and stories.

It sounds like a good idea, except since about mid-June or early July, when you try toget the forum online all you get is a box saying “SFReader is being revitalized!” About the middle of July the box said the site would be back up by Mid-August, then it was later changed to the end of August. And then it became Sept. 15.  As you know, if you’ve tried to find the forum, it’s still not back online.

Originally, meaning several years ago, the forum was on another platform and had tons of visitors daily and there were lots of good discussions and news, and then somebody got the idea to change everything, put it in a different format. What happened then was the loss of most of the forum members, who never bothered to renew membership. I don’t know why they didn’t, but they didn’t. Gradually some of the old timers came back and the site was beginning to attract some new members, but then, it was decided that the site needed revamping again. While it’ll probably be for the best (the new features sound exciting), the long delay in getting it together can’t be good for keeping participants interested.

I contacted Dave to find out if possibly, there were insurmountable problems that were keeping the forum from being “revitalized.” I wondered if like so many other things, like the looming demise of Raygun Revival, and the apparent cancellation of Rob Santa’s Through Blood and Iron anthology, the forum was going to become another casualty.

Well, never fear, true believers, the forum is not in jeopardy. It may be MIA, but it will rise again, bigger and better than ever, according to its Dave Felts. Dave wrote back and here’s what he said:

“SFReader will be back, sooner rather than later I hope. Yes, day keeps getting pushed back. Not happy about it, but not much I can do. SFReader isn’t done yet though.”

He didn’t say when it will be back, but at least we can be sure that it eventually will return, hopefully sooner and not later. He also didn’t explain why the delays, and I won’t speculate on the reasons. I’m just glad to hear that the forum will return and I’m sure there are many others who feel the same way.

It might be encouraging for Dave to hear from some of the regulars out there that you’re waiting and wanting to see the SFReader forum return. How about dropping a comment here to let him know you’re rooting for the return of one of the few places where writers and readers alike shared the benefits of the free service Dave’s forum provides.  Let’s not forget that, folks. There’s no charge for the plugs, the articles, the opinions you can express on that forum. He might appreciate knowing you dig it.

Editor’s Note:

The new target date for reopening of SFReader is now Sept. 20. Keep your fingers crossed.