Howdy, folks, big news here today.

On Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013, I will be joining 50 other writers from around the blogosphere to help launch the Beta Test of Phase 1 of the return of Amazing Stories.

Amazing Stories was the world’s first science fiction magazine.  Published by Hugo Gernsback, the Father of Science Fiction, the magazine created the genre’s first home and was instrumental in helping to establish science fiction fandom – the fandom from which all other fandoms have evolved.

The magazine itself ceased publication in 2005; in 2008 the new publisher, Steve Davidson, discovered that the trademarks had lapsed and applied for them.  The marks were finally granted in 2011.

According to Davidson, Phase 1 introduces the social networking aspects of the site and the Blog Team, 50 authors, artists, collectors, editors, podcasters, designers and bloggers who will address 14 different subjects on a regular basis – SF, Fantasy & Horror literature, anime, gaming, film, television, the visual arts, audio works, the pulps, comics, fandom, science and publishing.

Those wishing to participate in the Beta Test should request an invite by emailing the publisher, Steve Davidson.

I’ll be sending in occasional items I think you’ll find of interest. Here on my own blog I cover a pretty wide range of subjects, not all necessarily related to the category of science fiction and fantasy. For Amazing Stories I’ll narrow the focus to novels, short stories, films, and TV shows that fall into the realm of sf/fantasy.

I’m sure you’ll recognize some of the other bloggers involved in this project, including Michael J. Sullivan, Barry Malzberg, Doug Smith, Erin Underwood, Keith West, and many others (well, 45 others to be exact). I’m happy to be a part of this endeavor, which is unprecedented to say the least. It should be a lot of fun.

So brace yourselves. It all begins Jan. 2. And, as noted above, why not join the fun and sign up as a blogger yourself. Find out more by visiting the Amazing Stories Magazine web site, if you haven’t already at