Amazing-Stories-Logo-with-R-blue-purple-large-e1352038617250Amazing Stories Magazine returns today! The science fiction magazine begun in 1926 by Hugo Gernsback is back and live on the Internet. It’s probably sheer coincidence that it happens on Inauguration Day. But since the word inauguration means “a formal beginning” I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to say that Jan. 21, 2013, is the day that may be remembered as the formal beginning of a new phase in the history of the world’s foremost science fiction, fantasy and horror magazine.

For the past several weeks Experimenter Publishing has been conducting a test run of the publication off line. Nearly sixty authors, artists, editors, fans and bloggers have been producing articles on science fiction, horror, and fantasy in films, books, TV, poetry, games, comics and more.

I’ve personally been involved by contributing two new articles, one of which is going live today. With these articles I continue my exploration of the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs, which began in the second pre-launch issue with a piece on Tarzan and the Golden Lion. The article going up today is a review of a new book that came out a few months ago, Tarzan: The Centennial Celebration by Scott Tracy Griffin. Check out the review here.

The third ERB article is a piece focusing on a little known, but thought-provoking novel that Burroughs wrote early in his career called The Monster Men. I know what you’re thinking. Edgar Rice Burroughs thought provoking? Well, read my article and see if I can back up that claim. That piece was posted during the test run and you can find it in the archives here.

Amazing Stories publisher Steve Davidson invites all fans to join the fun, become a member, and help support Amazing Stories.  Membership is free, and entitles members to participate in the discussion, share information and engage in many other familiar social networking activities.

So, check it out at There’s already plenty to read and soon the publication will move from this social networking stage to publishing fiction. There’s excitement in the air.