Good news. Miles Boothe, editor of the Monster Hunter anthologies published by Pill Hill Press, has created Emby Press, a new small press dedicated primarily to monster hunting fiction, ghost stories, and tales of the supernatural.

Emby Press fills a gap created by the shutting down of Pill Hill Press last year. This is good news because volume three of the Monster Hunter series, Use Enough Gun, was edited and ready to go and suddenly found itself in limbo. when PHP closed its doors. I have a story in that book, “The Shape of a Cage,” which is a very special tale featuring Mordecai Slate, a monster hunter who plied his trade all over North America during the last half of the nineteenth century. I think it’s the best of the Slate stories so far, and I’m very happy that it will be published.

The alternative would have been to self-publish, and while it’s becoming a trend to put out books that way, I still prefer to have a publisher and an editor. It’s so easy to convince yourself that you’re a writer and the story you’ve written is a masterpiece (mom said so)  and foist it on the world. But having a publisher and editor is, if nothing else, a reality check and validation that you’ve really got something to offer.

Miles has a lot of plans for Emby Press, including more Monster Hunter anthologies. If you’re a writer looking for a new market, Emby Press is currently open to submissions.

You can find out more about Emby Press and how to submit your stories on the Emby Press Website.