Howdy gang,

Hooray! It’s the Fourth of July! And I’ve got a good reason to set off a few fireworks this year. Emby Press has just published its very first anthology, USE ENOUGH GUN. This is the third in the Legends of the Monster Hunter series edited by Miles Boothe. The book was originally to be published by Pill Hill Press, but Pill Hill bit the dust, and for a while it looked like the book was doomed to sink into oblivion. But you can’t keep a good monster hunter down and fearless editor Boothe rose to the occasion and decided to start a press of his own. He’s calling his publishing operation Emby Press, and has big plans to put out a bunch of books.

USE ENOUGH GUN features one of my Mordecai Slate stories, The Shape of a Cage. Slate has appeared in UEG-lite-207x300all three of the Legends volumes, and I’m really proud of this particular story. It’s not only an intense tale concerning the worst thing that can ever happen to a monster hunter, it’s also a meditation on the theme of cages– all kinds of cages. I hope you’ll check it out. It just came out in a Kindle e-book edition available from and will soon be followed by a paperback.

And since it is the Fourth of July I would be remiss if I did not post a link to my post last year, “Jean Shepherd’s Fourth of July,” my tribute to Shepherd, one of America’s greatest humorists, and his famous story about a man and his battle with a truly dangerous and evil firecracker. In the words of the master, “It’s a doozy.”

Happy Fourth!