bloodtrails-lite-207x300I received some good news last night. My story, “Where There Be No Dragons” has been accepted for the new “Monster Hunter Blood Trails” anthology. This is the fourth volume in the Legend of the Monster Hunter series being published by Emby Press.

Unlike the stories I wrote for the first three volumes of the series, this one is NOT a Mordecai Slate adventure. The Slate tales all take place in the Old West of the nineteenth century. “Where There Be No Dragons,” is a complete departure. This is set somewhere back in the misty dark ages and can best be described as Beowulf meets Ingmar Bergman. It follows the classic pattern of a hero on the hunt for a dragon that has destroyed his village. But there’s a twist. It’s a story of guilt, redemption and expiation. And it examines the question of what is to be gained by making compromises with evil.  It has some good action scenes as well. I promise you it is not your run of the mill dragon hunt.

Thanks  to Miles Booth, editor of the series for buying the story. He plans to have the book out on the streets by November. In addition to my tale, there are 24 other exciting stories by authors I’m sure many readers here will be familiar with. So keep your blades sharp and your powder dry. In the meantime, don’t forget about Mordecai. He’ll be back.  Until then you can get his latest adventure in the recently released anthology, Use Enough Gun.