Seige at Rio Muerto ebookThe first novel featuring monster hunter Mordecai Slate, is now available on Kindle from Slate is a bounty killer working in the latter part of the 19th Century in the Old West, who specializes in hunting down the dark creatures of the night. He’s appeared in half a dozen short stories and novelettes published in various magazines and anthologies, including the Legends of the Monster Hunter series from Emby Press.

“Hunting monsters is my business.” It’s more than a catch phrase that Monster Hunter Mordecai Slate uses. It’s a way of life—a way that is sorely tested when a wealthy New Mexican ranchero hires him to track down the vampire who ravished his daughter. Don Pedro Sanchez wants Slate to bring him back alive, so he can have the pleasure of driving in the stake himself. Slate travels from Socorro to Las Cruces where he finds his prey, Kord Manion, and comes up with an unusual way to transport him back north. Kord’s brother, Dax, and his gang of vampire outlaws follow in pursuit, half a day behind. During the chase, Slate stops to rescue a girl in trouble and tries to get her out of harm’s way. Their journey leads them to a desert ghost town called Rio Muerto, where Slate will face his greatest challenge in the ultimate battle between good and evil.

Published by Flying W Press.

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