Sized CoverImagine you’re a monster hunter in 1888 in the New Mexico Territory. You’ve been hired by a wealthy landowner to capture the vampire who ravished his young daughter. Normally, you’re paid to track your prey down and kill him on the spot. But this time your client is paying you not to kill, but to take the monster alive and bring him back so he can have the pleasure of doing the killing himself. It’s not a job you’ve ever done before. And you’re not sure you like it, but the bounty money is too high to resist.

Immediately two problems present themselves. First, how do you capture such a vicious creature? alive And if you do manage to take him alive, how do you transport him back to your client? Not easy when there are 90 miles of burning desert country to cross. These are two of the dilemmas Mordecai Slate faces in Vampire Siege at Rio Muerto. A new release from Flying W Press, perfect reading during the coming Halloween season.

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