Today you can read a new interview I did with Matthew Pizzolato, managing editor of The Western Online. In the interview I share some insights into the sources of inspiration for Vampire Siege at Rio Muerto and in particular for the character of Mordecai Slate. Matt asked some great questions and I think Slate fans may be surprised at some of the revelations. If you thought the portrait of Slate on the cover of the book resembles a certain actor known for his hard-nosed performances in western films from the past, you were right. In this interview, you’ll discover his identity and why I chose him.

There’s also a discussion of the three film directors whose work had a direct influence on the story of Vampire Siege at Rio Muerto, and the difference that sets Slate apart from just about every other monster hunter in print or film. There’s also an explanation of why I chose to go the self-publishing route for the first time, rather than have the book published the traditional way.

Thanks to The Western Online for the opportunity to let more people know about Vampire Siege at Rio Muerto. You can read the interview here.