Sized CoverAll right, gang. Here’s the latest news on Vampire Siege at Rio Muerto. It’s early yet, but critical reception of the novel so far has been very favorable with one four star and one five star review. The book is currently in the process of being reviewed by several prominent publications, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed they are good reviews too.

In order to get the word out, we (me and my son, J. Michael Whalen, and Torasu Productions) have moved the Vampire Siege at Rio Muerto trailer over to Youtube, where I’m hoping it will get even more views that it already has. But there’s an added bonus this time. The original trailer was barely over a minute long, and as a result the Mordecai Slate theme, composed and performed on keyboard by yours truly was cut off in the middle. Tonight we’re posting the extended version for your enjoyment.

The theme incorporates the feeling and sound of the kind of thing John Carpenter created for some of his films, such as Escape from New York. But it also has influences from Ennio Morricone and Henry Mancini. Mancini? The elevator music man? Not so. In the 1960s before the days of Victor/Victoria, and other films he scored later on, Mancini wrote some very cool movie themes. Peter Gunn anyone? Mordecai’s theme is influenced specifically by his theme for Experiment in Terror. 

Sales of the book have been good, but we’ll need some kind of a breakthrough to keep the momentum going. Maybe Youtube can help. Anyway enough of my blathering, here’s the link to the Vampire Siege at Rio Muerto trailer (extended version.)

Please click on the link, and let’s see how many hits we can get on it.

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