I may give up writing due to lack of having time to write anything. It’s not that I have so much other work to do, no day job, no pressing health concerns, no writer’s block. What it is, is that for Xmas I recieved a raft of BluRays and DVD’s that will probably take up the rest of my life to watch.


Craig Stevens as Peter Gunn

One of the items is the Peter Gunn box set. 114 half hour episodes of this classic noir-crime private eye series that Blake Edwards wrote and directed and produced between 1959 and 1961. Seeing these on DVD on a flat screen TV is like watching them for the first time. You can see how much work and effort went into making this series the really cool thing it was. And Henry Mancini’s music of course is a real kick. Every time Pete breaks and enters a crime scene the walking bass starts up and Pete Candoli comes in on muted trumpet noodling some far out notes, followed by flute and vibes. It’s a gas, as they said back then.

Next up four seasons of Naked City. This includes the half hour version of the show. Stiirling Silliphant wrote most of those at the rate of one a week, and all filmed on location at verious NYC sites. The hour long version has tons of guest stars from that 1960 period.

Got John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness. One of his creepiest films, based on ideas that have no logical sense to them, but still manage to work.

The Big Gundown, my man Van Cleef, in a new Grindhouse Releasing BluRay that looks spectacular.

And last but not least the Zatoichi box set from Criterion. 25 films in all. The blind swordsman/masseur is one of the most original characters to come out of Japanese cinema. The BluRay transfers look pretty good.

So I don’t know if I’ll ever get back to writing. Just hope we don’t get a lot of snow and there’s a power failure. Well, maybe then, I’ll have to start writing– with a pen in longhand by lantern light.