The novel that’s been called “an instant classic,” and described as “a western/horror mashup that could shoulder up to Stephen King and Louis Lamour with equal comfort,” will soon be Sized Coveravailable in paperback.

Released in October 2013 as a Kindle e-book, “Vampire Siege at Rio Muerto” has been consistently in the top 50 of the 100 Kindle best sellers in the horror/western category. The story of bounty hunter Mordecai Slate’s trek through the New Mexican desert known as the Journey of Death has drawn five star reviews and quite a few readers. The book recounts Slate’s attempt to bring a vampire in alive so that a grieving father can seek revenge for the horror inflicted on his daughter. Many of the readers of the Kindle version have said they wished the book was available in paperback. Their wish is about to be granted.

Coming soon, Flying W Press will release Vampire Siege at Rio Muerto as its first trade press paperback—234 pages full of action, horror and suspense. Author James Reasoner called it “a really entertaining novel.”

“There’s been a surge in popularity for horror/westerns in recent years,” Reasoner wrote, “and author John Whalen has come up with a good one. . .”

Amazing Stories Magazine said it has “all the action of the Blade movies” and the author “knows his western stuff and his settings” giving it “an air of . . . plausibility.”
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Stay tuned for further information from Flying W Press.