The paperback edition of Vampire Siege at Rio Muerto will launch March 1. There will be some free books given away to celebrate. Check in Feb. 28 for details. Meantime here’s a sneak peek at one of the key scenes from the novel. In this scene Vampire Hunter Mordecai Slate has just been released from a jail cell and rushes to the hotel, where he suspects a young woman is in danger. He charges into the room and . . .

Marie Tremayne lay in bed in her nightgown with Kord Manion bent over her, his long thin hands reaching down to her throat. He looked up at Slate and backed away, hissing like a wild cat. Marie’s eyes were wide open, and her skin was pale as death in the moonlight coming in through the open window. She stretched her arms out to Manion, as if inviting him back into her embrace.

Sized CoverSlate stepped into the room and raised the carbine. Kord waved his hand and a force struck Slate in the chest and he flew back, crashing against the wall. Devereaux came into the room. Kord waved his hand again and knocked Devereaux back into the hallway. Slate struggled up to one knee, raised his rifle and fired without aiming. But Manion leaped through the open window. Slate ran over to it and looked down. He saw a wolf racing up the middle of the street and fired at it and missed. The wolf kept running and someone down on the street fired a shot at it.

“Did you get him?” Devereaux asked from the doorway.

“Not so’s you’d know it,” Slate said. He turned to Marie, still in bed, sitting up, covers half off.

“Are you all right?” he asked.

She stared straight ahead, her eyes glassy.

“What’s wrong with her?” Devereaux asked.

“Marie, can you hear me?” Slate said.

He went over to the night stand next to the bed and picked up a candle set in a metal holder. He lit it with a match and held the flame close to the girl’s face. There were two red puncture marks on her neck. Her jugular vein was distended and had turned dark blue.

“She’s been bitten,” he said.

“I’ll get Henry to fetch the doctor,” Devereaux said and went out the door.

Slate lowered the girl back down on the bed gently.He picked up a ceramic cup from the nightstand and took a small vial out of a compartment on the side of his gun belt and uncorked it. He poured a green, viscous fluid into the cup, then mixed it with water from a pitcher. Marie began tossing her head from side to side on the pillow. He put the cup to her lips. She drank a swallow and then another and then he let her lie back down again. Her lips moved silently for a few moments.

“My daddy was right,” she whispered. “I’m bad. God wont’ let me into Heaven. He sent the devil for me.” Slate lifted her head. “Was it him, Mordecai?” She asked. “Was it the devil?”

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