Okay, peoples. March 1 is launch day for the paperback edition of Vampire Siege at Rio Muerto, the novel that has just received a nomination for best novel of 2013 by the New Pulp Awards. To celebrate this auspicious occasion, Flying W Press is going to give three free books away.

I have to say the paperback looks really good. Laura Givens cover looks great at 6 by 9 inches, instead of that postage stamp you get on Kindle. And frankly, as convenient as Kindle is, there’s nothing like an actual book in your hands. If you want a chance to win one,here’s all you have to do.

After 12:00 midnight tonight and until 12:00 midnight EST Feb. 28, (in other words all day Friday) put “Gimme a book,” in the comments box below. Names of the commenters will be written down on pieces of paper and put into a cardboard box. The winners will be drawn from the box at noon, 3 p.m, and 6 p.m. EST March 1. Simple enough? There are no strings attached. The only request I have is that if you win, I’d appreciate it if you could post a review on Amazon.com.
flying w
So, good luck and happy monster hunting.

Flying W Press Over and Out.