images (1)Thanks to those who helped make the Vampire Siege at Rio Muerto launch a success. Some books, both paperback and Kindle were sold over the weekend and continuing today. Someone even purchased a Kindle edition of the short story, Samurai Blade. I really appreciate that.

I’ve heard from Jennifer Easter and Steve Ross, two of the winners of the drawing. Now that I have their addresses I’ll be sending copies of the book out soon as I can. We got some snow and you’d think it was the end of the world. As expected, the government and everything else is shut down, including the Post Office. Once the panic is over, I’ll be able to ship the books straight away.

Still haven’t gotten Terry Alexander’s address. Send it along, Terry, and I’ll get your book to you.

Meantime, hang loose, everybody. The snow appears to have stopped. Time to get out there for another round with the snow shovel.