Sized CoverBlood Moon Rising Magazine gave Vampire Siege at Rio Muerto another good review. The book review editor said:

“The title and cover . . . [gives] you the feel of a Quentin Tarrantino movie. Whalen did a great job in getting you to pick up the book and he does equally well in telling the story.”

“Whalen tells a story full of action and suspense throughout the book. He also does a great job of setting the mood and time period in which the story stakes place. His main character, Slate is multi dimensional. . .”

While all of the reviews have been for the most part very good, a couple of the reviewers thought the characters lacked depth. I’m glad this reviewer found Mordecai Slate had more substance than a simple black and white, two dimensional character out of pulp fiction. He may seem a fairly simple character on the surface, but as the story progresses we see, based on decisions he makes, and his reactions to the situations that develop, he is actually more complex than we may have thought. And, I might add, this applies to the other characters as well, especially gunfighter “Taos” Leary, and villains Dax Manion, and Del Cobre.

This depth of characterization is one of the main features of what I call Neo-Pulp Electronic Fiction. Of course, as the reviewer points out, the story also has plenty of action and suspense, but even those parts of the book serve to develop a theme.