The Writer

After years of resisting it, I finally got my first cell phone. I know some won’t believe it, after all the ranting I’ve done about the evils of the damn things.

I’ve railed in the past about all the zombies out there texting and looking at their Facebook pages instead of actually seeing the reality around them, and I’m going to try not to join the Army of Zombies. But I’ve come to see how the i-phone can be a handy little weapon in my War of Resistance. As a great man once said, “RESISTANCE! RESIST ALL THAT IGNORANCE!”

It’ll take me half a century to learn how to use all the stuff it can do, and some things I’ll probably never use. But as my first official cell phone act, I’ve taken my very first Selfie, as you probably noticed in the space above.  Not a bad picture, if I say so myself. A face that could have carved the Union Pacific.

And that framed poster on the wall behind me, hangs in my office. It’s the cover of Amazing Stories Magazine Volume 0, Issue No. 2, and if you look close enough you’ll see my name there on the cover.

There’s a solar eclipse on my birthday April 29. An auspicious omen of new things to come. As Jean Shepherd often said: “Keep your knees loose, and your duff close to the ground.”