Sized CoverVampire Siege at Rio Muerto has been doing very well on, sales-wise.  It’s currently No. 25 in the Top 100 Western Horror Kindle e-books. It’s been in the top 100 list since it was published last October. Six months is a pretty good run.

The book is also ranked No. 13 in the 100 top-rated Western Horror Kindles. That ranking is calculated on customer reviews and the number of stars the book has gotten. We haven’t gotten anything less than four stars, so far, and most reviewers give it five. That’s impressive in my opinion, since some of the reviews are not just from satisfied customers but from professional reviewers.

But here’s the big news. I’ve just checked paperback sales for the last 8 weeks, and I’m thrilled to find that paperback sales are doing better than the Kindles. In the last few weeks we’ve sold copies in Boston, Tampa, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, and Washington, D.C. Thanks to all who invested their $14.99. From the private emails and personal messages I’m receiving on Facebook, readers are really enjoying the book. One reader who says he is a fan of both horror and westerns said, “It’s the best horror western I’ve ever read.”

That’s pretty high praise, and I’m really happy to hear that. But as much as I appreciate the favorable comments, I really wish those who have good things to say about the book would say so publicly, either through a review on Amazon. com or in comments on my Facebook page or here on the blog. Doesn’t have to be more than a few lines with whatever number of stars you think the book deserves. It’s easy, if you’ve never done it before.

I’m very happy and actually kind of surprised that this self-publishing venture has turned out so well. But as a lone-wolf in the publishing business, I don’t have the resources that a mainstream publisher has to promote and sell a book. I need all the help I can get. Favorable reviews on Amazon raise the book’s rating, and more importantly, it seems the better a book does the more Amazon seems willing to promote it through e-mails to their customers. It takes only one sale to boost the ranking up from No. 30 to No. 5 or 6. A couple of sales in a row keeps it in the top 3. Every time the book jumps up a notch or two I actually get a promotional email from Amazon, listing my book as something that might interest me. So are a lot of other people, I gather.

Anyway, that’s the current status of Vampire Siege at Rio Muerto. Thanks again for the tremendous support everyone has given the book so far. Just keep those cards and letters coming in, and, if you don’t mind, send a carbon to There’ll be more Mordecai Slate stories coming soon, and  later, a sequel to Rio Muerto. Thanks and see you next time.