Bob Billo's Illustration for Where the Space Pirates Are

Bob Billo’s Illustration for Where the Space Pirates Are

Here’s exciting news. Last week, Amazing Stories Magazine published a reprint of one of my “This Ray Gun for Hire” stories that originally appeared in Ray Gun Revival. I’m happy to report that “Where the Space Pirates Are” was the most viewed short story last week,  according to Time Machine, the publication’s weekly tabulation of the week’s most popular posts.

It was also ranked as the third most read post overall. Frank Carson triumphs!! Who’s Frank Carson, you ask. Well, for your information, he’s an intergalactic gun for hire featured in half a dozen tales that originally ran in Ray Gun Revival between 2009-2011. The stories all have a peculiar bent to them, you might say. In one of them Carson has his consciousness transferred to another man’s body to rescue a kidnap victim. In another he travels to an icy planet where a scientist has created a tropical zone under a dome in which he’s created a veritbale Garden of Eden complete with a young Tarzan-like character swinging through the trees. “Where the Space Pirates Are” has some actual humor in it and a bit of satire with commentary about modern publishing trends and famous authors who are short of imagination.

I’ve thought about collecting these tales together and publishing them through Flying W Press. Seeing that the “Space Pirate” tale has drawn some interest, it might be a good idea.

Meanwhile I’m also encouraged by continuing sales of Vampire Siege at Rio Muerto, including a new paperback sold in Great Britain. Thanks, Guv’ner.

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