bloodtrails-lite-207x300In the Dark Ages, in a mythological world, a man sets out to kill a dragon that destroyed his village. For years the villagers lived in peaceful coexistence with the dragon, provided they sacrificed two young maidens to him every year. But now the deal is off.

Regvald is a hunter, not a dragon slayer, but after seeing the devastation and loss of life, he swears to climb to the dragon’s mountain lair and kill him. Tagging along is a young boy who is afraid, but impressed and inspired by Regvald’s courage. But what is it that really motivates the hunter? This is the shocking discovery that the boy makes at the end of their hunt.

“Where There Be No Dragons” is a tale of a dragon hunt, but even more it is an examination of what can happen when good people try to make a bargain with evil. I’ve called this story “Beowulf Meets Ingmar Bergman,” because it combines both the action of sword and sorcery with the deep probing, almost brooding ideas of a Bergman film. At least that was my lofty intention when I wrote it. Find out if I succeeded.

The story can be found in a new anthology just released by Emby Press. Monster Hunter: Blood Trails contains 24 powerful stories, including tales by Josh Reynolds, Stephen Gepp, Darin Kennedy, Marc Sorondo, Amanda Roberts and other familiar names.

It’s currently out now as a Kindle e-book.  You can order it here.

I’ve contributed to the first three volumes of the Legends of the Monster Hunter series from Emby Press with stories about Mordecai Slate, Monster Hunter of the Old West. This is the first one with a different character and a different setting.

And, just to remind you, the first full-length novel featuring Mordecai Slate, Vampire Siege at Rio Muerto, is currently available in print or e-book from Flying W Press. You can order your copy here.