bringI just bought the limited edition (only 3,000 copies made) Blu Ray of Bring Me The Head of Alfredo Garcia, Sam Peckinpah’s strange, weird, and uncompromising masterpiece. Many revelations contained in the commentaries and documentaries provided as special features.

Warren Oates and Isela Vega apparently were nervous about the famous graveyard scene. So Warren bought some hallucinatory mushrooms, readily available in Mexico at that time, and they both ate some. When time came to shoot the scene they were both stoned out of their minds. Just one of many outrageous stories told about filming that movie.

Wild character Peckinpah. Apparently most people who knew him hated his guts but loved him too at the same time.

Alfredo Garcia is a metaphor for life itself. Its about what we all have to do to survive in this world. And it ain.t always pretty. There’s always some one at the top calling the shots. Benny, the main character, finds out who it is and goes after him.

EL Jefe, the man at the top, played by Emilio Fernandez, was the model I used for Don Sized CoverPedro Sanchez in Vampire Siege at Rio Muerto. No reviewer yet has seen how closely the opening scene of the book mirrors the opening of Alfredo Garcia. There are many other references to Peckinpah’s work in Rio Muerto.

Maybe you should go buy a copy from Amazon. Kindle or Paperback.