The Super Moon of August 2014 is one we will not or should not forget anytime soon. A full moon is always a time when emotions run high. Feelings can become chaotic and events around the world become just as chaotic.

It started with the unbelievable horror in Iraq as the ISIS forces continued their genocidal march across the northern half of Iraq. The grizzly horror came into sharp focus this weekend with the plight of thousands of helpless refugees fleeing for their lives, seeking refuge on a barren mountain with no food or water. Just today we saw on CNN the helicopter dropping off food and water and rescuing a handful of refugee from certain death. The children and elderly in a state of shock.

At the same time the government of Iraq is collapsing as the ineffectual prime minister refuses to step down and sent troops out to protect his regime. Instead of fighting the terrorist, he wants to fight anybody in Baghdad who want him to resign.

The US this weekend began bombing ISIS checkpoints and convoys, getting us once again sucked back into that bottomless pit.

In Missouri an unarmed black teen is shot multiple times by the police for apparently no real reason. The black community explodes in rage and begins looting and destroying their own community. Tonight the streets of Ferguson, Mo. are crowded with police and protesters. This follows a death of a black man by choke hold in New York, further enraging the black citizenry, who are seeing themselves as victims of police brutality aimed specifically at them.

Russia continues to make recovery of decaying remains of passengers from Flight 17 difficult, as war continues to wage in the Ukraine.

This doesn’t include the trouble in Syria, and the Ebola plague in Africa.

As if that’s not enough, the world is shocked by the death of comedian Robin Williams. In fact all coverage of the above events have almost been blocked out for the night by the cable news channels to cover the loss of a man who at least made the country laugh, even though he was seriously depressed himself.

Yes, it’s a Super Moon we won’t soon forget. A devil moon. Hang loose, people. Stay calm, if you can. It’s too easy to become part of the chaos. Over and out.