Sized CoverIf you read VAMPIRE SIEGE AT RIO MUERTO you might have asked yourself what happened to monster hunter Mordecai Slate in the days after the Battle of Rio Muerto. The new story, HUNTING MONSTERS IS MY BUSINESS answers that question. The events that occur in this tale will shock you. Coming later this year from Flying W Press.

Haven’t read Rio Muerto yet? What are you waiting for? You can order it from Amazon.

By the way I want to thank readers in Australia who have been buying the book. Nice to see Mordecai is getting fans in other countries. He’s also got readers in Great Britain and Canada. Hope some of you will pitch in with some Amazon reviews. It always helps.

The article I did on ONE EYED JACKS the troubled classic western that Marlon Brando starred in and RETRO30450directed is in the new Issue (No. 30) of Cinema Retro. This magazine is sold around the world, but you can also order it by mail. The interesting thing about ONE EYED JACKS is that in this era of special collector’s editions of films that aren’t worth the plastic they’re made of, the only decent copy of this great western is the one on Laser Disc. Go figure.