OrcaI watched ORCA again on the EPIX Channel. This is one of my favorite movies because it is totally insane. Better than JAWS because it doesn’t care if it’s crazy and makes no sense. But while it’s running you really believe that killer whale really wants to kill Richard Harris.

Harris plays it so straight he should have gotten the Oscar. He’s like any guy in real life would be. “What are you saying? The whale wants revenge? Yeah, sure!.”  Why not a posthumous special ORCA OSCAR for Richard. He deserves something. All those other Brits, all his old drinking buddies, like Peter O’Toole and Richard Burton all got awards, but not poor Richard.

In addition to Harris’ rich performance the film boast two of the best looking ladies of the seventies in the cast– Charlotte Rampling and Bo Derek. What’s not to like?:

EPIX had a beauty of a widescreen version of the movie with stereo Ennio Morricone Soundtrack. Preserved permanently on my DVR.

Other news.

I got some royalty checks from Amazon yesterday and turns out I sold more paperbacks of Vampire Siege at Rio Muerto than I thought. Thanks very much, dear readers.

This is a good time to pick up a copy of Rio Muerto before the new book comes out later this year. The new story, Killing Monsters Is My Business picks up where Muerto leaves off. You’ll be able to read the new one without having to read the first one, but knowing all the background details only makes it that much better. Right?