Captain_America_The_Winter_SoldierCaptain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) is way too long but it’s still a pretty good movie. I’m not big on comic book movies, (like anyone cares) but this, like the first in the series has something different about it that sets it apart from the other Marvel flicks. Maybe it’s the throwback to WW II and the comparison of today with the era of the Greatest Generation. Whatever, the action set pieces in The Winter Soldier are the best I’ve seen in any of the recent big budget comic hero movies. No jiggly cameras so you can’t tell what’s really going on. Well-choreographed fights. Nick Fury’s attempt to escape a squad of assassins on the streets of D.C. was extremely well done. Wish I had an SUV like that. The surround sound on the Blu-Ray that I watched was pretty effective.

Oh, it just dawned on me what sets Cap apart from the others. HE hasn’t gone all dark and creepy like Batman and Superman. He’s not a smart ass millionaire like Iron Man either. I hope to see more in the series.

The Flash

And surprise I actually thought The Flash pilot episode on CW was pretty good too. Way better than the episode of Agents of SHIELD that ran right on ABC right after it. Much livelier pace, more interesting characters and better sets and special effects. Could be a winner. The only drawback is that its on CW, which means everybody in the cast is about 14 years old.

But who is stealing from who? In the Flash the hero gets hit by lightning and gets superhuman powers. In Agents of Shield somebody gets hit by lightning and can turn everything into ice cubes.


Makes you want to go stand out in a thunderstorm just to see what will happen. You might get your own comic book.

So I guess, Ben Franklin may have been on to something flying those kites in electrical storms. Maybe he got hit and was actually the first superhero, but kept it quiet. Sounds like a story there. Ben Franklin able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, Faster than a speeding horse and carriage.

Anyway, those are my blighted opinions about which I’m sure nobody cares. Over and out.