Hey folks:

The guys at EMBY PRESS are going crazy for Halloween. For the next few days you can bloodtrails-lite-207x300download a free copy of MONSTER HUNTER: BLOOD TRAILS on Kindle. This is the latest EMBY Monster Hunter anthology, and includes my story “Where There Be No Dragons.” It’s a tale set in a mythological dark age. The high concept pitch for this one is basically “Beowulf Meets Ingmar Bergman.” There are lots of other excellent stories in this volume as well.

You can’t beat the price.

In addition, EMBY is also offering Josh Reynolds’ THE WHITECHAPEL DEMON,” for the whitechapsame low, low price. Basically nothing. DEMON is the first novel featuring Josh’s occult detective Charles St. Cyprian and his kick-butt sidekick Ebe Gallowglass. It’s a fast-paced, cleverly written tale with some cool dialog and action set pieces. And scary stuff.

What more do you want for Halloween?