Hunting Monsters final frontI’m getting excited as publication of HUNTING MONSTERS IS MY BUSINESS draws near. I can’t wait to unleash this on the world. I promise you a very entertaining book that will keep you reading long into the wee hours. Because no sooner will you finish one of the nine tales in the book than you will want to go on to the next one.
The manuscript has been formatted and uploaded into Creatspace’s gloppety gloppety machine. I have previewed the printed version on screen and it looks superb. I need to get a few more items together to finish off the cover and upload that.

A paperback will come out first, and then a Kindle soon after. It’s a lot of hard work but the ability to control your own destiny as both writer and publisher gives you a good feeling. You get to do it the way you want.

The nine tales chronicle Slate’s adventures over a period of several years and find him ranging all the way from the Yukon to Mexico with stops in the Monterrey Peninsula, Texas, and even a trip hundreds of years in the future. I think you’ll have a good time reading it. I don’t have a publication date yet but I’ll keep you posted.