Hunting Monsters final front

Above is a close up of the cover for the upcoming HUNTING MONSTERS IS MY BUSINESS. The cover artist is Laura Givens, who also did the cover for Vampire Siege at Rio Muerto.  We had quite a few discussions about how the cover should look, and I think she came up with something pretty cool. So far everybody seems to like it a lot. I’m impressed with the amount of realistic detail. It sort of matches the realism I try to put into the Slate stories. Check out her website and see some samples of her work.

Here’s the blurb that will appear on the back cover of the paperback:

“Undead Tlingit tribesmen rise from their graves in the Yukon. Something not of this world stalks Dodge City. A creature emerges from the ocean on the coast of the Monterey Peninsula. These are just some of the monsters bounty hunter Mordecai Slate is hired to eliminate in HUNTING MONSTERS IS MY BUSINESS. Follow Slate through nine tales of horror and wonder, including a brand new novella written specially for this book.”

The book is in process now and should be available hopefully before Thanksgiving.