snowpiercerSNOWPIERCER is an insane, mad idea for a movie. I’d give credit to director Joon-Ho Bong for coming up with it, but it’s actually based on an old French graphic novel. Still his direction holds the weird story together. He gets good performances from Chris Evans and John Hurt and especially Tilda Swinton.

Its got a heavy-handed political message about class warfare, its overly violent, and at times gets bogged down in pointless dialog. The story has an unbelievable premise from the get-go. The earth has been totally frozen in ice and snow as the result of an attempt to stop global warming. The only survivors live on a train that runs non-stop around the world . The poor are in the rear car living in filth and squalor. The upper class live in luxury, and the middle class is in between.

The lower class gets fed up and tries to bust through to the front. Sounds far fetched, right? Who’d believe a story like that? But that doesn’t stop you from watching to see how it all ends. In fact, by the finish you kind of marvel at how they pulled it off.

There’s something fascinating and ultimately satisfying about Bong’s single-minded determination to see it through to the end.  Good for a Blu-Ray rental.