Sized CoverIt’s Black Friday and Flying W Press is offering the Kindle e-book of VAMPIRE SIEGE AT RIO MUERTO for only .99 cents, a 70 percent price cut. It’s a Kindle Countdown sale that lasts 72 hours from 11 a.m. Nov. 28 to 11 a.m. Dec. 1. That’s three whole days for you to buy the first novel featuring monster hunter Mordecai Slate.

Slate was a bounty hunter who roamed territorial United Sates in the last quarter of the 19th Century hunting monsters for bounty. VAMPIRE SIEGE was Flying W Press’s first book release and told the story of Slate’s mission to capture a vampire alive and bring him across 90 miles of burning desert to the man who wanted revenge for the ravishing of his young daughter. It’s a tale packed with supernatural suspense and plenty of western action.

Hunting Monsters final frontThe sale is just in time to help readers who haven’t had the pleasure yet, get acquainted with Slate, and his silver bullet-loaded revolver rifle in time to enjoy the second book in the series. HUNTING MONSTERS IS MY BUSINESS, the complete Slate short story collection, has just been released by Flying W Press in a soft-cover edition and will soon be available on Kindle.

Enter Slate’s world where nothing is what it seems. That cactus up ahead. Did it just move? That old prospector coming down the trail toward you, notice something strange about him— only black space in his eye sockets? Don’t worry. Slate’s ready. Are you?