rg3Today I’ll be watching the Washington Redskins (sorry, that’s the name they’re using, so that’s what I’ll call them). In all probability they’ll lose another game, this time to the Indianapolis Colts. That will make their record 3-9. That in itself won’t be very remarkable. The Redskins are one of the worst teams in the NFL, not just in terms of wins and losses, but in terms of its management, and ownership, and the attitude and philosophy of its players.

Last week the Washington Post ran a great article on the rise and fall of Quarterback Robert Griffin III, who in three short years rose to stardom in his rookie year and fell to ignominy, injury, and defeat. Coach Jay Gruden ordered Griffin benched after another embarrassing defeat by San Francisco. The Post compared Griffin’s story to a Shakespearean tragedy. That it is. It is even more like a Greek tragedy. The story of a young hero who came to a city and through his brilliant athletic ability brought hope and a new spirit to a town that is sorely in need of some sort of rehabilitation. Washington, D.C. is a town at the epicenter of the gridlock that has paralyzed not only Congress, Government, and the way things are supposed to function, it has paralyzed the public will.

RG III seemed a bright light rising on the horizon, a new star that portended better things to come. But it was not to be. Whether it was through the callous mismanagement that allowed him to play with a torn ACL until he could no longer stand, whether it was through a team of players that couldn’t keep up with him, give him the protection he needed on the field, or his own hubris, thinking he could do the impossible, he fell in a game with Seattle, and you knew he would never be the same. It’ll be rough to see him sitting on the sidelines today.

He may come back. But it won’t be in Washington. I pray it isn’t, for his sake. To paraphrase a line from one of Shakespeare’s plays, “There’s something rotten in Washington.”

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