Jay Gruden, Robert Griffin III

The Redskins season this year has now gone from Greek tragedy to a Keystone Cops comedy. The Rookie Coach Jay Gruden benched RGIII and committed to a third rater like Colt McCoy for the rest of the season. The team was 3-9 for the season going into today’s game against St. Louis. About only half the seats were filled and they lost 24-0 in a mess of a game.

The fickle fans who denounced and ridiculed Griffin began chanting his name in the fourth quarter, and unbelievably he’s called in to finish the last two minutes after McCoy’s injured. The fans who were still there went nuts. But RGII got sacked. The team has no offensive line. McCoy was sacked six times and needs X-rays on his neck. Skins were shut out.

You couldn’t write a story this fantastic if you tried. I will be very surprised if Gruden isn’t flat out told to start Griffin next Sunday or look for another job. At this point it’s impossible to figure out who to blame for this fiasco. The ownership, management and team members seem under some kind of a hoodoo. Hey, maybe that’s it!

Could it be some Native American Shaman has conjured up some bad medicine on the team that will leave them in their befuddled state until they ditch the Redskins name? Redskins no longer seems appropriate anymore anyway. How about something that would be a better fit. Like the Washington Dipsticks. But then the Dipstick Federation would probably file a protest. Stay tuned. It’s the funniest comedy of the TV season.