I have to ask a rather indelicate question. If you watch TV for any length of time you will unavoidably be faced with commercials where the word “vagina” is used. There are commercials for creams, lotions, or attorneys suing for trans VAGINAL mesh botch ups. But everywhere you go from channel to channel it’s Vagina, vagina, vagina. How come you never hear the word penis on TV?

Is this some form of discrimination? Is there a rule in broadcasting that you can’t say penis? Penises have just as many problems as vaginas, I would assume. Why aren’t they given equal time? The only thing you hear about is something called “erectile disfunction.” That sounds more like a case of a bridge builder who didn’t get the two ends of the bridge to meet in the middle. I just think if you can say vagina without any qualms you ought to be able to say penis too.