JadeThe Gurkha servant of an aged and sick adventurer takes delivery of a mysterious crate containing something of vital importance to his employer. Thieves attempt to hijack the truck the crate has been loaded into. The Gurkha tries to fight them off but during the fight something weird and wild breaks out of the crate and escapes into the London night.

When will people stop trying to smuggle mysterious, illegal crates into the country? It never fails there will be trouble as a result. But it’s good news for fans of Charles St. Cyprian, Royal Occultist, and his assistant Ebe Gallowglass. The scene above provides the opening for “The Jade Suit of Death,” the second novel in Josh Reynolds’ series being published by Emby Press. And a rousing tale of occult adventure it is. Following on “The White Chapel Demon,” this volume provides the same combination of chills and action, but is a more textured novel than the first. Reynolds gives us a more detailed picture of the Victorian setting and combines a greater sense of the period with the trademark nonstop action he’s known for.

Demons, monsters, the threat of an apocalyptic plague all swirl around our intrepid pair of occult investigators in a tale you won’t be able to put down until the finish. This great series continues in a very positive way. Highly Recommended.