Sales of “Hunting Monsters is My Business” and “Vampire Siege at Rio Muerto” have been very good. Better than I expected. But there are still plenty of you readers out there who haven’t decided whether you should spend your money on it. So to help you decide whether you’d like it or not, I’m going to give away free copies of the stand alone Kindle version of “Samurai Blade,” one of the stories in the “Hunting Monsters Is My Business” collection.

This story was initially issued as a single a couple of years ago for .99 cents. It concerns Monster Hunter Mordecai Slate’s journey to Dodge City, Kansas, at the request of the mother of young trooper from Ft. Dodge, who was killed in a rather bizarre barroom incident involving a samurai sword.

One of the characters in the story is Sheriff Bill Tilghman, and the other is something not of this world that is somehow connected to the mysterious katana that decorates the wall of the Blue Canary saloon.

It’s a good representative of the kind of stories you’ll find in “Hunting Monsters Is My Business.” The story will be free for three days, beginning Jan. 19.