Some writers complain they can’t even give books away. I can’t make that complaint. The response to the Samurai Blade free Kindle offer has been spectacular. It is very encouraging to learn that there are so many people who somehow found out about the offer and were interested enough to pick one up. The book has been #1 in the Western Horror Free Kindle list and is currently #13 in literature and fiction. The ranking in literature is really a surprise since there is so much competition in that category.

I’m sure there were some who did it out of curiosity and others who will grab a free book no matter what it is. But I have to think there are those who might have heard of the Mordecai Slate stories (and in particular “Hunting Monsters Is My Business” the collection Samura Blade was taken from) and have been wondering if it was worth reading. Whatever the reason, thanks for taking the time to check it out. If you like this little sample I hope you’ll get “”Hunting Monsters is My Business.”  It’s got a lot more thrills, chills and human drama of a kind you haven’t read in this kind of fiction before.

If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, the free offer expires at midnight tonight, so you still have a chance to get it.