Just took a look at some trailers for upcoming movies. Gaagghhh!

MAN FROM UNCLE looks pathetic. This makes Army Hammer’s performance in LONE RANGER look like Shakespeare.

BIG GAME with Sam Jackson as a tough version of Obama. Probably a twist on MOST DANGEROUS GAME.

HIT MAN: AGENT 47– comic book stuff. I couldn’t watch any more of the trailers.

Hopalong Cassidy Mural in Cambridge, Ohio

Hopalong Cassidy Mural in Cambridge, Ohio

I’ll stick with GET TV and Me TV and COZI. This am COZI showed SECRETS OF THE WASTELAND– a Hopalong Cassidy flick that (the secret revealed here for the first time) was partly the inspiration for the Jack Brand story called “The Secret Treasure of Dar-Zul.” In Hoppy’s movie Chinese archeologists exccavating Indian cliff dwellings in Arizona need his help. Pretty cool story. Great location photography.

They just opened another new multiplex theater near my house and I was looking forward to spending afternoons watching movies there. But so far, there’s nothing that justifies the cost of a ticket. Not when I know they’ll be on BLURAY in a few months or premium cable.  The home theater experience is generally better anyway.

By the way the picture above was taken in Cambridge, Ohio where they celebrate William Boyd’s birthday every year. It’s a gigantic mural on the side of a four story building. The Hoppy Reunion I attended in 2009 was fun. I met Ed Byrnes (Cookie, Lend Me Your Comb) from 77 Sunset Strip; Martin Cove (Sweep the leg) from Karate Kid. Bo Hopkins from The Wild Bunch (I’ll hold em till hell freezes over or you say different.) Surprised to find jazz pianist Monte Alexander in attendance. He’s a huge fan of westerns and a pretty good piano player too.

Now if they would hold a Hoppy festival at that multiplex I might buy a ticket.