I thought it was time to update the info in the Mordecai Slate Bibliography.

Here is a description of the two volumes in the Mordecai Slate, Monster Hunter series published so far by Flying W Press.

MordecaiVampire Siege at Rio Muerto,” is a full-length novel. Slate is hired to capture a vampire alive and bring him back to Socorro, N.M., to a man seeking vengeance for his ravished daughter. Slate brings Kord Manion across 90 miles of desert but is pursued by Manion’s brother and his gang of Vampire Riders. Slate stops to help a girl in trouble and is wounded. He seeks aid in a near-deserted ghost town called Rio Muerto. The vampire riders surround the town. Can Slate and the rag tag group of losers he finds there survive the “Vampire Siege at Rio Muerto”?

“Hunting Monsters Is My Business, The Mordecai Slate Stories.”  is the complete collection of the Mordecai Slate stories Hunting Monsters final frontthat have appeared in various print and online publications. It also includes the brand new, original novella, “Hunting Monsters Is My Business,” written especially for this volume.

The stories included in the book are:

(1) “The Last Payday of the Killibrew Mine,” which appeared in “Leather Denim and Silver, Legends of the Monster Hunter, Vol. I,” Pill Hill Press, 2011. In this tale we find Slate in Beaver Junction, Alaska, where he is hired to save a Yukon mining town from the vengeful wrath of some Tligit Indians who have risen from the grave. There’s a young girl to be rescued and some dark secrets in a gold mine owner’s past that are uncovered.

(2) “Little China” was published in “How the West Was Wicked,” Pill Hill Press, 2011. Slate is on the West Coast, around Monterey, Calif., in a Chinese fishing village, investigating the death of the son of a Spanish nobleman, who was killed by a mysterious creature from the sea.

(3) “Rancho Diablo,” was published in “The Trigger Reflex, Legends of the Monster Hunter II,” Pill Hill Press, 2011. Slate treks across the Sonoran Desert in pursuit of a werewolf who has fled to a notorious outlaw hideout in the Cabeza Prieta Mountains, near Yuma. There he meets Liz Duval, owner and proprietess of Rancho Diablo.

(4) “The Man Who Had No Soul,” Science Fiction Trails, No. 7, 2011. Slate journeys from West Texas to the Juarez mountains to rescue the daughter of a mad scientist from the clutches of a creature made in the doctor’s laboratory.

(5) “Undead Empire, Gog!” was published in the steampunk anthology, “Conquest Through Determination: Steampunk in All Its Spendour,” Pill Hill Press, 2012. Slate meets up with a time traveler and journey to a far future world ruled by demons and zombies.

(6) “The Shape of a Cage,” in “Use Enough Gun , Legends of the Monster Hunter III,” published by Emby Press. Slate suffers the monster hunter’s worst nightmare and becomes the thing he has always hunted. He journeys into Coyotera country to find help.

(7) Samurai Blade,” published 2011 in Showdown at Midnight by Science Fiction Trails.

(8) “On the Camino Real” published 2013 on my blog.

(9) “Hunting Monsters Is My Business.” First publication. Slate runs into voodoo trouble in the Texas Panhandle.

More to come.

The next volume will be “Return of the Monster Hunter.”