writeratworkA week or so ago I spilled coca cola into my computer terminal. It went in through the ventilation holes and totally fried the computer. I got the dreaded BLUE SCREEN. Then it went black. The computer had died. The worst thing about it the first few chapters of the new Mordecai Slate book were gone with the computer. I had violated my number one rule to always, always back everything up. Things around here have been weird and chaotic for various reasons and I just didn’t take the extra step of backing the file up. I thought I had lost it for good. I told myself I could rewrite it, but you never can remember exactly what you wrote the first time.

I just let the computer sit in my office. People said go get a new one or take into the shop and see if they can fix it or retrieve your files. I was too depressed to do anything. But after a few days I just had this feeling that I should try to see if it would come back on its own. I started it up and the first time nothing happened. Same thing for the next few days. After a week suddenly I could hear the fan and the drive moving but nothing on the screen. Another few days later the Gateway logo came on in black and white. But that’s all.

I thought that was as much of a comeback as it was going to make. But today I tried it and lo and behold! It’s back. I am writing this post on it. First thing I did was store the Slate story on a flash drive and print it out. The computer is slow and sluggish but seems to be picking up speed by the hour.

Needless to say I am a happy camper today. I guess the lesson is KEEP THE FAITH, BABY. Gateway made me a believer.