U1apVUBsI’m about to put the barbecue on but can’t resist today’s rant. The Movies! TV Network Channel has gone and done it. They’ve created a new garbage word to plug their tired, worn-out schedule of old movies. This Sunday their going to have a Billy Wilder ICONOTHON. Which translated into English means their showing three of the same old flicks they’ve been showing for months–Stalag 17, Sabrina and Sunset Blvd. But this time it’s an ICONOTHAON. Gaaaggh!

The digital TV age has only made television worse with these digital subchannels that keep recycling ancient dogs of the past. Some offend by taking vintage TV shows and speeding up the tape so they can get more commercials in. The voices are slightly higher pitched than normal. But I digress.

George Orwell was right about the abuse of language as a tool of the power structure. Newspeak is the lingua franca of our time.

Happy Memorial Day and don’t forget Sunday. We’re on for the ICONOTHON.