“Marlowe, I’m in a jam.”
“You’re always in a jam, Terry.”
“You gotta help me out, pal.”
“I thought I killed you.”
“That was the movie.”
“Oh, yeah.”
“You were a better person in the book.”
“A real sucker, you mean?”
“No. A real friend. A knight of the round table.’
“Those days are gone, my friend. They went out with dial telephones.”
“I need to get across the border.”
“Commit another murder?”
“No. I need a sex change operation. My new wife won’t stay with me unless I transgender and we have a same sex marriage. They do it cheaper down there in Old Mexico.”
“She mean that much to you?”
“Yeah, dammit.”
“Got it bad, huh?”
“Think I’m crazy, Marlowe?”
“It’s okay with me. “