This Saturday Night you can watch Svengoolie ruin another classic Universal horror film on Me TV. THE CREATURE WALKS AMONG US. This is probably the most poignant entry in the series. The Creach gets burned up in a fire and loses his gills. A gill man with no gills! Very sad to see him looking out at the ocean, wishing he was back swimmin’ with the fishes.Wait! Wrong metaphor.

There’s a potboiler subplot about a jealous husband and an all-star Universal B-movie cast, including Rex Reason, Jeff Morrow Leigh Snowden and Gregg Palmer.

A real highlight is the score for this film which was composed for the most part by an uncredited Henry Mancini. He did some music for all three of the Creature films, but this time they let him do a lot more. There’s a pretty nice romantic ballad played throughout.

The Creature from the Black Lagoon is my favorite of all the Universal horror monsters. So much so that I paid tribute to him in my short story, “Little China,” which appears in the HUNTING MONSTERS IS MY BUSINESS collection.