BMRCOVER61c-477x677Blood Moon Rising Magazine has released it’s 15th Anniversary Special Issue and to my delight, it contains a really stellar review of HUNTING MONSTERS IS MY BUSINESS– THE MORDECAI SLATE STORIES. THANKS to D. W. Jones, who wrote the review, and is evidently a Mordecai Slate fan, and to BMR Magazine, for putting out such a great publication. Many more years of continued success!

Rather than quote snippets of the review, here it is in its entirety.

Hunting Monsters is My Business: The Mordecai Slate
Stories by John M. Whalen
      When I was first approached to review this book, I was
looking forward to it.  I met this character, Mordecai Slate,
first in Showdown at Midnight  in the short story “Samurai
Blade” and then in his own novel Vampire Siege at Rio
Muerto. So to see a whole collection of stories with this
character plus a new novella, I couldn’t wait to read it.  And I
was not disappointed.

For those not familiar with Mordecai Slate, he is a monster hunter in the wild\ wild west willing to take any job for his price of $1,000.  Take Sam or Dean from Supernatural and mix them with Lee Van Cleef from the old westerns and you got Mordecai Slate. Hefaces any job offered him and faces any demon, monster and creature out there withthe help of some American Indian friends.

One of the stories I liked are actually two stories connected.  They are Rancho Diablo and The Shape of a Cage.  The first story follows Slate chasing a man wolf onthe run.  After tracking him to a outlaw hideout, he finds more than he could deal with. The second story is a continuation of the first as Slate has to deal with the aftermath of Rancho Diablo and it forces him to deal with things he thought he would
never have to think about.  I liked these stories because it take the Slate character beyond the badass monster killer and shows another side to him.  Can’t say muchmore without giving anything away but it’s a must read.

Hunting Monsters final frontThe other story I liked was the novella Hunting Monsters is My Business. It actually takes place shortly after the event at Rio Muerto and Slate is having doubts about his hunting.  But when he is contacted by a fellow hunter’s wife to say that heis missing, he goes to help.  But he is up against what might be his biggest foe, Pierre LeCoulte.  A mysterious man who bought a defunct mine that suddenly is producing but strange things are happening there, including Slate’s friend disappearing there.  When Slate arrives there, he is captured and sees things that he believed impossible. Will Slate rescue his friend or better yet, rescue himself and survive to fight another day?

Whalen did a great job rounding out the character Mordecai Slate, making him not only a terrifying monster hunter, but a person who has secrets, doubts and feelings that flesh him out and making him that much more realistic.  His writing keeps you enthralled in the story and makes you want to know more about the mystery man of Mordecai Slate.  I definitely recommend this book for anyone into a mix of action, horror and thrills. You can find this book at