Seige at Rio Muerto ebookDo you realize that if you have Kindle Unlimited you can get the two Mordecai Slate books for free? And if you don’t have KU you can buy the Kindle Editions for only $3.99 each. The books are also available in paperback.

VAMPIRE SIEGE AT RIO MUERTO has been called “an instant classic.” HUNTING MONSTER IS MY BUSINESS: THE MORDECAI SLATE STORIES has been praised for its imagination and tight writing.The books combine the old pulp western and horror genres in a unique way. Amazing Stories Magazine called HUNTING MONSTERS “an action packed collection reminiscent of the pulp classic dime store novels with a morbid twist of supernatural mystery and intrigue.”

You’l find elements and influences from a variety of sources in these books ranging from the films of Sergio Leone, Tarantino, and Sam Peckinpah, to the plays of William Shakespeare. Some have called the Mordecai Hunting Monsters final frontSlate books  a combinatoin of Stephen King and Louis Lamour.

You’ll find characters in these two book that say, think and do things you won’t forget. The action is intense. The drama stark and personal.

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