rg3Washington Redskins Coach Jay Gruden announced today that former back up quarterback Kirk Cousins is now the starting qb for the 2015 season. Robert Griffin III, the team’s former franchise quarterback, is now basically nothing. Read the Washington Post story on the announcement. 
He was beautiful in his rookie year. But you knew as you watched nothing that beautiful would be allowed to exist for very long.
Robert Griffin III played like a dream and he was a dreamer. He dreamed he could give everything for the team and be given his just deserts, or at least be rewarded with some kind of justice in the end. But this is Washington, D.C., and it doesn’t go that way here.
There’s no sense of decency in this town. From the dirty game of politics played in the ivory palaces of the rich and powerful along Pennsylvania Ave. to the mean streets of the inner city, it’s a hard, brutal town. Bones get broken, spirits crushed, and careers get destroyed as a matter of routine. It’s just another day in the life. The trash gets picked up at dawn, the newspapers deliver the morning edition and life goes on. Who cares?
Good luck, Robert Griffin. I hope you’re not left dangling. I hope you get cut and go on to bigger and better things, where the air is cleaner, and the streets are less full of blood. At least they can do that much for you.